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Dave Castellanos is a talented and experienced fishing guide that runs Cast Guide Service, located on the Smith River in Northern California not far from the Oregon border near the Rogue River. 

Castellanos has been running his outfit for the past 21 years and he is a master of the local rivers that produce a bounty of salmon, steelhead and trout. Castellanos' guide service fishes the Smith River and the Klamath River in California and also the Rogue River, Chetco River, Sixes River and the Elk River in Oregon.

Dave covers a lot of territory but he also has great results and if you are new to the area or looking for a guide, well, Castellanos is The Man, in that beautiful area of the world.

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Eric Leer - above
Landed this Steelhead in about 20 minutes and a half mile down River fighting through 2 rifles and a big pool making several strong runs. Eric was using. Berkeley Buss Ramsey Im 8 rod , Penn Sargus spinning reel, P line, and a size #4.Gamakatsu hook. This Steelhead is about 20 pounds it was 34 inches long.
Guide by Cast guide service on Jan 3rd 2013

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